10 Old Money Outfits for Women

So you want to dress like old money? You’ll love these old money outfits for women inspired by the classic taste of the old money crowd.

In the echelons of high society, the subtlety of old money resonates through every aspect of life, and fashion is no exception. Unlike the flashy and ostentatious garments flaunted by the nouveau riche, old money outfits for women whisper elegance through timeless pieces, refined tailoring, and an understated palette.

The old money outfits you see on TikTok are often way too “perfect” and “done up” than what people with old money would actually wear. Most of these people don’t put so much effort into coordinating their outfits with the perfect shades, the right belt, and the designer handbag.

They’re much more likely to wear simple yet quality basics that don’t stand out. The only exception is when they need to put together an outfit for a special event. I’ll share examples of everyday old money outfits and special occasion outfits below!

Casual Summer Old Money Outfit

Old money outfits women clairerose

Sailing Outfit

The navy sweater is a classic piece in the old money wardrobe.

Old Money outfits navy sweater

White Button-up Shirt Outfit

Old money outfits kelseymerritt

Cable Knit Sweater Outfit

Old money outfits Cable Knit Sweater Vogue UK
Vogue UK

Brown Blazer Outfit

Old money outfits for women

White Crepe Pants Outfit

Old money outfits for women in summer

Blue Button-up Outfit

Old money outfits leasyinparis

Beige Maxi Dress Outfit

Old money outfits Barbara Palvin Armani Beauty Venice Film
Barbara Palvin for Armani Beauty at the Venice Film Festival

Special Daytime Occasion Outfit

Old Money outfits Jasmine Tookes in Anna Quan at Cannes
Jasmine Tookes in Anna Quan at Cannes

Special Ceremony Outfit

Old money outfits Inés Domecq
Inés Domecq

When donning such attire, every stitch and silhouette tells a story of lineage, tradition, and a dignified grace that transcends fleeting trends. Let’s peek into the sophisticated world of old money fashion, unraveling the delicate balance of class and modesty, and revealing how to emulate this enduring style that has graced the drawing rooms of aristocrats and socialites for generations.

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