5 American Old Money Brands the Wealthy Love Wearing

Welcome to the world of American old money brands, where quality, craftsmanship, and heritage reign supreme. While European luxury brands may dominate the fashion and lifestyle scene, there are many American brands that have been around for generations and have a loyal following among Old Money circles.

These old money brands from the USA embody the timeless elegance and understated refinement that is characteristic of Old Money style, and they have stood the test of time with their commitment to quality and tradition.

From iconic fashion houses to legendary furniture makers, American old money brands offer a unique perspective on luxury and style. So, if you’re looking to incorporate some American heritage and quality into your wardrobe or home, read on to discover the top old money American brands.

American Old Money Brands

Belgian Shoes

Belgian Shoes is a brand that resonates with sophistication, quality, and timelessness. It was founded in 1956 by Henri Bendel, who wanted to create a high-end slip-on shoe that was both stylish and comfortable. Inspired by the refined elegance of Belgian culture and craftsmanship, Bendel worked with artisans in Belgium to bring his vision to life. The result was a unique design that combined the luxury of hand-sewn leather with the comfort of a flexible sole.

Over time, Belgian Shoes has built its reputation as a premier footwear brand, loved by discerning customers who appreciate the brand’s dedication to quality, detail, and traditional craftsmanship. The brand has remained consistent with its original design, only making minor modifications to accommodate modern aesthetics.

Belgian Shoes, with its rich history and understated elegance, naturally aligns with the values and tastes of the old money class. The brand is not flashy or overly trendy, but rather it emphasizes craftsmanship, durability, and classic style. This resonates with those who seek quality over the latest fashion fads.

The brand’s pricing places it in the category of luxury but not exorbitance, fitting well with the old money preference for quality without ostentation. The bespoke service provided by Belgian Shoes allows customers to tailor the shoes to their preferences, ensuring that they get exactly what they want, reflecting a personalized and thoughtful approach to fashion. It’s one of the best old money brands to buy.

As a symbol of sophistication and tradition, Belgian Shoes continues to be worn and cherished by those who value classic style and enduring quality. Whether a member of the old money elite or simply someone who appreciates the finest things in life, wearing Belgian Shoes signifies a connection to a legacy of taste and refinement.


J.Press is another iconic American brand that has found favor among old money types. Founded in 1902 by Jacobi Press, the brand was established in New Haven, Connecticut, near the Yale University campus. J.Press’s inception coincided with the rise of the Ivy League style, a distinctive look characterized by classic tailoring, understated elegance, and a touch of collegiate flair.

The story of J.Press begins with a dedication to serving the sartorial needs of Ivy League students and faculty. The brand’s offerings reflected a commitment to traditional craftsmanship, quality fabrics, and timeless design. J.Press popularized staples such as three-button sack suits, natural shoulder tailoring, and button-down collared shirts. The commitment to traditional style gave J.Press a distinctive identity that resonated with the conservative and discerning tastes of the time.

J.Press has expanded its reach, opening stores in other university towns and major cities, including New York and Washington, D.C. The brand’s reputation as a purveyor of classic American menswear grew, and its offerings began to appeal to professionals, politicians, and those with an appreciation for timeless elegance.

J.Press’s association with Ivy League institutions and its penchant for traditional style make it a natural fit for the old money class in America. Old money individuals often value heritage, tradition, and a certain restraint in their sartorial choices. J.Press’s offerings align perfectly with these preferences, emphasizing quality, durability, and style that transcends fleeting fashion trends.

The brand’s association with the educational elite and its focus on classic American tailoring have made it a preferred choice for generations of old money families. Whether worn on Wall Street or at family gatherings in New England, J.Press’s clothing reflects an understated sophistication that speaks to a deeper appreciation for quality and tradition.

The brand’s resonance with the lifestyles of this class has solidified its position as not merely a clothing retailer but a part of American cultural heritage.

Ralph Lauren

Ralph Lauren is one of the most recognizable brands in American fashion, known for its unique blend of classic style and aspirational luxury. While the brand’s appeal extends far beyond any specific social class, its roots and design philosophy have made it a favorite of the old money crowd.

Ralph Lauren was founded in 1967 by designer Ralph Lauren, who started his career by creating neckties. He had a vision of creating a style that embodied American elegance, drawing inspiration from British aristocracy, the Wild West, and the sophisticated charm of the Roaring Twenties. In 1968, he introduced his first menswear line under the “Polo” label, establishing an aesthetic that combined casual elegance with timeless design.

Ralph Lauren’s influence on fashion has been profound, with the brand’s Polo shirt becoming an enduring icon of casual chic. From the runways of high fashion to the greens of the golf course, Ralph Lauren’s designs have become synonymous with an upscale, yet accessible, American lifestyle.

Ralph Lauren’s appeal to old money individuals lies in its ability to capture the essence of classic, refined style without veering into ostentation. While the brand’s designs often exude luxury, they do so in a way that feels timeless and sophisticated, rather than flashy or trendy.

The brand’s allusions to aristocratic traditions, equestrian culture, and preppy Ivy League style resonate with old money values of heritage, tradition, and understated elegance. Many of Ralph Lauren’s collections reflect a sense of nostalgia for an era when fashion was less about status and more about self-expression.

The brand’s commitment to creating clothing and accessories that are both stylish and durable aligns with its customers’ preferences for items that are not only beautiful but also long-lasting.

Ralph Lauren’s fusion of classic style and modern luxury has made it a beloved brand worn by old money families in America. Its designs, characterized by their timeless elegance, speak to a sensibility that values tradition, refinement, and substance over flash and novelty.

For those who appreciate the finer things in life without the need to flaunt them, Ralph Lauren offers a way to express a sophisticated and cultivated sense of self. Its legacy as a brand that defines American luxury continues to make it a favored choice for those who seek to wear not just clothing, but a statement of timeless elegance and class.

Brooks Brothers

Brooks Brothers stands as one of the most iconic and enduring symbols of classic American style, particularly worn by old money people. Established in 1818, the brand’s storied history and commitment to quality have made it a touchstone for timeless elegance and tradition.

Founded by Henry Sands Brooks in New York City, Brooks Brothers started as a family business focused on providing ready-to-wear quality clothing for men. Throughout its long history, the brand has been credited with introducing several innovations to American fashion, including ready-made suits and button-down collar shirts.

Brooks Brothers has dressed U.S. Presidents, business leaders, and cultural icons, contributing to its reputation as the “original authority on American style.” It has remained committed to quality craftsmanship, using fine materials and classic tailoring techniques.

The brand’s design ethos focuses on understated elegance, timeless styles, and versatile wardrobe staples. While embracing modern fashion trends, Brooks Brothers has always stayed true to its roots, emphasizing a look that transcends the whims of seasonal fashion.

Brooks Brothers’ offerings fulfill old money style preferences by providing classic pieces that can be worn for various occasions, from business meetings to social gatherings. The brand’s presence in key historical moments, such as dressing President Abraham Lincoln, adds a layer of cultural gravitas that elevates it beyond mere fashion.

Brooks Brothers’ two-century-long legacy as a tastemaker of American style positions it as a natural choice for the old money elite. Its adherence to traditional tailoring and timeless design appeals to those who seek substance and enduring elegance in their wardrobe.


Lotuff Leather is a relatively newer name in the realm of luxury brands, especially when compared to the other heritage brands like Brooks Brothers and Ralph Lauren. However, it has quickly carved out a niche for itself, especially among those who appreciate artisanal quality, sophisticated design, and enduring style.

Lotuff Leather was founded in 2013 by brothers Joe and Rick Lotuff in Providence, Rhode Island. Their vision was to create leather goods that would stand the test of time, both in terms of style and durability. The brand’s offering includes handbags, briefcases, wallets, and other leather accessories.

The aesthetic of Lotuff Leather is characterized by simplicity, elegance, and functionality. Rather than following fleeting fashion trends, the brand emphasizes timeless design and thoughtful details. This commitment to enduring style has helped Lotuff Leather establish itself as a go-to brand for discerning customers seeking leather goods that are both beautiful and practical.

The fact that Lotuff Leather manufactures its products in the USA adds an element of national pride and a connection to local craftsmanship, aspects that may further endear the brand to those who have a deep appreciation for heritage and tradition.

Lotuff Leather represents a modern take on luxury, one that emphasizes quality, craftsmanship, and timeless design.

I hope you enjoyed this list of the best American old money brands!

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